Looking up 12th Street. Click photo for larger view.

Governor Inslee directs flags be lowered to half-staff … in honor of the victims of the attack in Parkland, Florida, from Feb 15 through Feb 19.

Flag at half-staff.   Next scheduled half-staff is for Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 15th.

Old Glory has flown proudly from the 100 foot flagpole in Fairhaven since 1987. That year, a group of American military service veterans raised funds and put up the pole.  It was inspired by Dirty Dan Harris raising his 100 foot flagpole in March 1885. Today, the Historic Fairhaven Association is entrusted with keeping the flag flying and has a committee with veterans who tend to the duties.

August 2017 – The Fairhaven Lions Club have bought a new very large summer flag.  We of the HFA thank them for joining us in helping Old Glory fly with presence on our flagpole.  This is a $600 purchase of a 20 by 38 feet size flag of very light nylon which flies beautifully in light breezes.  It will be our summer flag, going up for Memorial Day weekend and coming down at the end of September.  We do not want it shredded by fall wind storms.

We raise flags of 15 by 25 feet in the spring and fall, and 10 by 19 feet during the wind storms of November and December.  If the pole is bare, then the flag for that season is being repaired and should be flying again within a couple days.  As we get more flags, we can avoid days with no flag.

We welcome donations to help purchase new flags, repair frayed flags, and maintain the flagpole. You can donate any amount you wish.  If a single person or group donates enough for a needed flag then we will thank them on this page.  Else we will note how many donations went towards a flag. As of winter, 2017-18, we next need a late winter flag of polyester, 15×25 feet, which will cost $420.

You can donate to the Flag Fund online here.  Please type into the Notes that your payment is for the Flag Fund.

To learn more or discuss, contact the committee by email at flag@Fairhaven.com.  Also please feel free to contact the committee if you have questions or concerns about the flag and pole.  I am always ready to answer questions or discuss concerns over coffee at the Mount Bakery in Fairhaven.  – John Servais, chair of the flag committee.