The Board meets monthly and conducts the business of the Association. Election of the Directors by all Association members takes place each November. Directors are elected for two year terms with a portion being elected each year. For 2018 and 2019, there are 15 Directors. The last election was held in November 2017. If you are interested in running for the board in November 2018 for a term of 2019 through 2020, contact the Election Committee, Eric Smith at:

Board members and their terms are: 

Name Business Positions, Committees, & Tasks Start Term
 Joel Haggen  Fairhaven Lions Service Club President, Hanging Plants  2017 17-18
Jody Proctor 12th Street Shoes VP, Co-Chair Fairhaven Gives Back, Updates, Grants, Parking, Marketing, Budget 2005 17-18
Hilary Friedrich Raptor Group Treasurer, Festival, Chair Budget 2014 18-19
 Tina Ruff  First Federal Secretary  2018  18-19
Ann Marie Cooper Good Earth Pottery  Art Walk, 2017 17-18
Paul Hanson Village Books Former President, Marketing 2014 18-19
Cathy Lee Southside Trends Chair Steampunk Festival, Halloween 2015 17-18
Tina Schwindt Anderson Bay to Baker Trading Co., Toy Garden Chair Membership, Election, Sidewalk Sale 2015 17-18
Eric Smith WECU  Membership, Election 2015 17-18
Curt Thor Thor Fairhaven Investments LLC Management 2017 17-18
Ria Van Weerdhuizen Peoples Bank 2018 18-19
Steve Walker Community Boating Center  Waterfront, Community Organization Contact 2016 18-19
Scott Ward Current & Furbish  Chair Marketing, Chair Winterfest, Art Walk 2017 18-19
 Dr. Brenden Witte  Cedar Male Clinic  Trees  2017  17-18

Ex Officio members:

Name Business Continuing Project Start Ex
Penny Tilson Community Member Archives 197? 197?-99, 2015-16
John Servais Community Member Flag, Archives 2003  17-
Pam Went Community Member Welcoming, Archives 2011 17-
Erica Hume Artwood Gallery Gallery Walks, Holiday Festival
Robin Robertson Bellingham Tennis Club Parking Task Force 2008 12-
Anna Williams Community Member Festival Committee 1996 13-

See more here.Former Board Members
It is fitting to list the many Association members who have served on the Board of Directors and helped our historic district prosper, grow, change, morph, and change again over the years. The Association was started in April of 1972, and this is obviously only a start towards listing those who were on the board over the decades. If you were on the board, please email your board term information or any corrections of the info below, to

Name Business Known for: Years From – To
Amy E. Squires Studio 910 Salon Secretary 11 2006-2017
Bill Miller Serendipity Consignments Chair Marketing 4 2014-2017
Cecil Jentges Karate Quest President, Village Green Holiday Trees 2 2015-2016
Shannon Day Peoples Bank Treasurer, Merchant Meetings, Girls Night Out, Halloween 6 2009-2014
Sarah Dohman Fairhaven Health Social Media, Girls Night Out 2 2013-2014
Cami Grichel Whimsey Holiday Magical Forest 4 2011-2014
Katie Swanson Katies Cupcakes Vice President, Girls Night Out, Holidays Decor 4 2011-2014
Mark Turner Turner Photographic Village Green Mural Renovation 3 2011-2013
David Starr Papa’s Sweets Alert List, Fairhaven Friends News 2 2012-2013
Jodi Sipes Comcast Girls Night Out, Ladies of Evening Society 1 2013
Wayne Kwaitkowski Blessings Salon Spa Marketing and Flag 6 2008-2013
Anna Williams Big Fat Fish Co. Developed Festival into major event over 15 years; Ex-Officio 2013-continuing 14 1996-2008
Linda Stone Good Earth Pottery Membership and Discount List 2 2011-2012
Cathy Lee Southside Trends Girls Night Out and Salmon BBQ 4 2009-12 2014-
Pamela Felke The Big Fat Fish Girls Night Out 4 2009-12
Doug Borneman Epic Events Outdoor Cinema on the Village Green & Budgets 6 2006-11
Stephanie Johnson Keller Williams Realty President 2010; DDDays & Festival; Ex-Officio 2012 7 2005-11
Constantine Papadakis Dirty Dan Harris’ Steakhouse Publicity, Dirty Dan Days & Advertising 3 2009-2011
Robin Robertson Bellingham Tennis Club President 2011; Ex-Officio 2012-continuing 4 2008-2011
Wendy deFreest Avenue Bread Co-Started Flavor of Fairhaven 2 2009-2010
Tracie Barrick The Bunch Started Fairhaven Friends email 4 2007-2010
Nicole Walker Fairhaven Mortgage Treasurer 5 2006-2010
Tracy Cozby Haggen Fairhaven Market Veterans Flag committee 4 2006-2009
Amy Nicol Peoples Bank President 2008-2009 9 2001-2009
Phyllis McKee Finnegan’s Alley President 2000-2007 14 1996-2009
Alice Maurey Holly Hocks Secretary for 8 years 14 1996-2009
Taimi Gorman Colophon Cafe, Doggy Diner President 1996-1997, Publicity, Ladies Society; Ex Officio 2009-12 24 1985-2008
Ham Hayes Valhalla Marine Co-Chair Advertising 2 2007-2008
Brad Imus Jacaranda Development President ?, District Clean-up 17 1990-2005, 2016-2017
Tim Imus Fairhaven Land Development Term of years ? 7 2000-2006
Frank Howell Mud in Your Eye Pottery Started advertising program 10 1997-2004
Connie Shannon Fairhaven Village Inn Chaired Advertising 5 2004-2008
Vicki Rogers Pacific Chef President, Grants & Beautification; Ex Officio 2008-12 18 1990-2007
Tim Imus Fairhaven Land Development Started Festival Park & Ride 7 2001-2007
Erica Hume Artwood Gallery Treasurer, Gallery Walk, Phone Tree & more 12 1996-2007
Chuck Robinson Village Books President 1986? 12 1981-1993
Jack Weatherby TV Facts President 1985? ? ?
Penny Tillson Fairhaven Gazette President 1983, VP 1982, Archives 15? 197?-99, 2015-16
Tyrone Tillson Fairhaven Historian President 1984? 15? 197?-199?
John Hauter Fairhaven Bike President 1982 ? 197?-199?